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We are an online information hub sharing our love and passion for the community and people of the Cayman Islands. We believe the Cayman Islands are the best place to live on the planet, our goal is to connect people globally and bring them the island lifestyle wherever they are.

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Filled with the sound of music

Our Cayman First Classroom of the Month shows just what can become when you truly have a passion and pursue it Ian Emerson's dream of a Youth Orchestra has gone from idea to reality, offering a free program for students from any school...

Smith Cove Renovation

MLA Barbara Conolly is making sure Smith Barcadere (also known as Smith Cove) is not only safer for residents, but even more beautiful than before.

Tiny House in Cayman

Mary-Anne Kosa takes us on a tour of her canal front tiny house in Grand Cayman. We are showing this feature on the Cayman Life Show on Logic Cable Channel 33 and online at CaymanLife.ky.